About the Association of PCI Certified Parent Coaches®

The Association of PCI Certified Parent Coaches® is a membership organization that upholds a Code of Standards and Ethics for professional parent coaches.

The Association is a service project of the Parent Coaching Institute designed for alumni who want to enhance their coaching skill set within PCI’s Coaching Model, while being supported in growing their parent coaching business. Membership in the Association is one way PCI Certified Parent Coaches® maintain their Parent Coach Certification® in good standing.

Association members engage in continuing education, network with colleagues, and develop their leadership skills to intentionally co-design a participative professional community to serve parents at their best.

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About Parent Coaching Institute

Parent Coaching Institute is on a mission to ensure that parents everywhere thrive and children flourish. We’re trailblazers! Since 2000 our successful parent coaching model and training programs, have helped thousands of families worldwide.