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Membership in the Association for PCI Certified Parent Coaches® is

one way to keep your Parent Coach Certification® active and in good standing. Show the world—and your parent coaching clients—that you are a pro-active professional, committed to thriving as a PCI Certified Parent Coach®.


Join your PCI colleagues, displaying our shared purpose to the world while developing your own successful parent coaching practice with on-going support, collaborative opportunities, and PCI camaraderie.



Members keep connected with the latest research and innovative coaching techniques through:

• Opportunities to participate in webinars and on-site workshops and conferences at discounted rates.


• Access to a Member Portal that Provides:

• Process Call Examples. These are selected 8-10 session coaching series with parents of children/teens with various challenges, which include instructor and colleague feedback to the PCI Coach. Updated regularly, they make for rich learning experiences.


• Sales and Marketing Success Strategies. Many PCI graduates have found what works well for them. Our community shares insights and best practices so everyone thrives.


• Other Helpful Tools for building a successful parent coaching business, such as time management/allocation techniques and self-care/self-renewal habits.


• A place to interact and connect with PCI colleagues.



In addition to access to the Member Portal with all its helpful information, Association members receive:


•  A Power Point Presentation, “Introduction to PCI Parent Coaching” to use to give presentations to potential parent clients for launching and/or maintaining your successful parent coaching practice.


•  Dissemination of your bio and contact information on the Parent Coaching Institute website with listing of your specialties and links to your website and social media.


•  Parent coaching referrals from the Parent Coaching Institute.


•  Quarterly discussions on Zoom or Skype with Gloria DeGaetano or a member of PCI’s Leadership Team on timely topics to support your successful parent coaching practice.


•  Reduced rates for business coaching for launching or building a successful parent coaching practice.


At PCI we believe an energized, engaged and responsive parent coach community organically arises when like-minded people create together for mutual benefit and heart-centered support. During the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program, one of the principles studied and applied to our coaching process is: “Participation is key to effective change.” As coaches we see the profound benefits when parents participate deeply in leading, guiding, and co-creating with their children toward their identified dreams aligned with their core values and highest aspirations.


In the same way, active Association members lead, guide, and co-create with the Parent Coaching Institute to develop projects and/or materials that help more parents benefit from our coaching. We greatly appreciate receiving innovative ideas and would love to explore them with you. Please contact Gloria DeGaetano for more information and to learn about some past and current collaborative projects.


Association members may list their webinars, books, e-books, manuals, etc. on PCI’s Web Store (coming Fall 2019) for purchase by the general public and the PCI Coach Community, supporting their visible leadership in the parent coach profession. There is no extra charge to you for this service.


Yearly Membership Fee: $150.00


To learn more, please contact to begin receiving your Association member benefits today!