FAQs about the Association of PCI Certified Parent Coaches®

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Q. When you say that membership in the Association is one way to maintain Parent Coach Certification® in good standing, does that mean there are other ways?


Yes, it does. There is another way for PCI Certified Parent Coaches® to maintain their Parent Coach Certification® in good standing if they choose not to join the Association. They may take a continuing education class offered by PCI three years after graduation and then on-going every three years. PCI Certified Parent Coaches® who have graduated early in the program and are unaware of this option, may contact the PCI office for more information: 425-449-8877 or info@pcicoach.com.



Q. Do I have to put my bio on the PCI website in order to be a member?


No. You may be a member of the Association and not have your bio listed. Bio listing on the PCI website is open to graduates who are participating pro-actively in the Association while growing a thriving parent coaching business.



Q. When are yearly fees due?


Yearly fees are due Jan. 30 and June 30. Depending on the date of completion of your Parent Coach Certification® your first year of membership may be pro-rated.



Q. How do I pay my membership fee? I don’t see a way to do that on this website.


PCI will invoice you through PayPal for your first payment and from then onward, when your membership expires. You may pay through PayPal or send a check to the PCI Office. Or you may contact the PCI office to make arrangements for us to process your credit card payment directly. And you are correct, there is no way to make payment on this website at the present time.