Focus for Success with These 4 Foundational Tools | MARCH 1, 2019

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder/Director PCI

When: March 1, 2019 9-11:00 AM (Pacific Time)

How: Zoom (audio only)

Fee: No Cost to Association Members

To Register: Contact and you will receive the Zoom link as well as the session handouts.

In our time together I will share with you 4 foundational tools that I learned from that successful entrepreneurs use daily. They are:

Unique Ability—do you know exactly what you do better than other people? Explore ways to continually understand your key unique abilities that will provide the energy necessary to move through any challenge.

Buffer, Focus and Free Days. Learn the specific activities for each type of day, and plan your week accordingly. Use these days to create your best working/living rhythm to bring out your best.

5 Daily Steps to Increase Productivity. Combine a positive, growth mindset with effective strategies to maximize your essential strengths—and success blooms beautifully.

Goal Setting doesn’t have to be mechanistic. Combine it with envisioning your ideal and you have an energizing planning system in place to track and affirm your emerging Dream.